Brownlow medal best tips:

With Judd such a short price I’d look outside and try and pick up the roughies who could enter the top 5 (place betting). My tips for them are:
N. Dal Santo = $7.60 for place, $34.00 for win.
Great end to the season, also look for him to beat Swan and Ablett and take out the Possession Junkies group, going at $11
J. Kelly = $14.20 place, $67.00 win.
Good solid year, clearly most consistent of the cats.
M. Priddis = $26 place, $126 win.
Another good year. Leading Cox for most Brownlow votes from WC, however behind him in the overall, go figure. Also probably to beat out Boyd and Mitchell for the in the trenches group, paying $9.

Next where all the real value for money, the groups and Club voting.
First the best of the groups.
As previously mentioned Nicky Dal and Priddis to take out their groups.
Then in rebound kings look for Birchall at $8 and Scotland at $3. Go for the one that drops best just before.
For the Finishers group A, it’s Steve J all the way. So pay cash or credit for his crazy high price at $4.25.
Finally in rising stars there’s been a large drop on Luke shuey down to $1.22. So jump on Heppell as his price has moved up to a flat $5.

Lastly the Team votes:
Adelaide, Brisbane, GC, Hawthorn, St Kilda, Sydney and the dogs have no value as the favourites are too short and too good. But:
M. Murphy at $4 to pinch it from Judd.
Swan at $2.85, also strangely Neon Leon at $126. He’s got long odds but has had a stellar year and my gut says it will reflect in the votes.
This is my team and my favourite tip of the Brownlow.
S. Crameri at $101. Massive odds I know however he has been the best player in every Essendon win, after Wato’s injury in round 8.
Also got the most votes by an Essendon player in the commentators MVP.
Only thing that will go against him majorly is if the umpires don’t notice him because it’s his first real year playing consistently in the AFL.
Risky one this one but Big Sandi at $14.
Had a great start and might just hang on against Fyfe in the finish.
Kelly at $6, can’t go wrong.
C. Sylvia at $13, moloney great year but Sylvia no slouch either, plus more dynamic player.
Big T. Goldstein at $17. Big problem with this one is that Ruckman don’t usually poll well for the Charlie. Luke Darcy in 2002 a prime example. However he should have been in the AA and is the only one to give D. Cox a run for his money in the Ruck Group.
Certainty this one. J Westhoff $2.70 second favourite to Boak, who is generally terrible, no idea what the bookies are on. But jump on this with fixed odds quick. Price will plummet.
Deledio is an off chance at $13 but my money would be on Cotchin with $2 flat.
Cox at $2.40. I’ve gone priddis earlier but this is a good safety bet in case votes don’t fall Matty’s way.

That’s all guys. So I’ll leave you with wishing you good luck and I hope you back a winner.


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