My mind is like a park

My mind is like a park,
It was once filled with life,
There where birds, there where trees,
There was music, there was bees,
There was laughter, there was noise,
There were girls, there were boys,
But time came for the park,
It’s overgrown someone remarked,
The trees are too high, the music to loud,
The bees to dangerous, the birds to proud,
So the girls and boys where taken away,
And suddenly the sky went grey,
Pollution from the new machines,
Who replaced the grass with something more green,
They cut back the trees to an odd shape,
And chopped some down to make more space,
They built a path for people to walk,
They built a bar for people to talk,
They built shops for people to buy,
They built an airport for people to fly,
They built and built till they where sore,
Then they built a new park for cars to be stored,
No more girls, no more boys,
No more laughter, but much more noise,
No more music, no more bees,
A different type of bird, for there was no more trees,
Now it’s no longer filled with life,
My mind remodelled to fit what’s right,


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