The people taking there music back.

Recently a social activist (as I will call him), called IlCreation, brought Justin Bieber and his biebets to there knees (and if you are picturing a sexual innuendo there, for shame).
What he did (assume he is a he) was send a copyright claim to YouTube on all of Bieber’s official videos. He also ‘attacked’ other pop artists, and I use the term artist loosely, including Lady Gaga and Rhianna.
Now while I know nothing about why he did this or who he is I am proud of the fact that he did it. Not because he took down singers who I dislike. But rather because they are singers who have been a product of the increasingly unit selling, linear, music market.
A market that used to be full of creative thinking and new ideas about social reform and where, and how, they can take music into the future, has now become a unit selling, bottom line profit focused industry.
This has stifled creative process and lessened the overall experience of music, and before now consumers have had to take what has been offered to us, or listen to back catalogue artists.
This industry basically has been running counter intuitively to the rest of the market, where consumers have more say than ever in what products they wish to buy, and corporations are being forced to listen. The music industry takes advantage of the fact that they create all the choice and forces products onto consumers.
This leads me to why I applaud this IlCreation. He has showed that consumers won’t take this dictatorship of music lying down.
He has effectively liberated millions of people from the tyranny that is the current music industry.
I only wish that more people see this and that in some way shows a beacon of hope to people outside the demographic of 13-16 year old, tone deaf, girls.
Maybe if this ban had lasted a little longer these biebets may have been forced to search other music and discover just how good and liberating music can be, as opposed to the mindless drones that they are now.
Unfortunately this is not the case, but this has opened the door, all be it a crack, which hopefully given enough pushes will eventually spring forth in a cascade of colour and wonderment. Or at least 1 person who truly deserves the title of music artist.


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