Higher Education – do we focus to much on it?

I was reading a little article about entrepreneurship in one of my favourite websites (mashable.com) where an interesting statistic caught my eye. Th e-article claimed that only 57% of students complete their first degree within a 6 year period.
This statistic is shocking considering how much emphasis we put on Tertiary education. In modern society it is assumed that we will all follow a set formula from grade school to a university or college, where we get a degree and spend the rest of our lives slowly moving up the ladder in our particular industry.
However this statistic seems to suggest that this is a fallacy. That this linear formula that someone in the government (not sure but most likely), has created for us, just doesn’t work.
It seems that all that stuff about freedom of speech and thought, we took as literal, not just as some empty promise given to us by our elders, which it seems was almost certainly the case.
Now I know what some media outlets will call my generation because of this statistic. They will use this to call us lazy, self indulgent, good for nothings that just spend all day slothing out on the couch and all night getting drunk or taking copious amounts of drugs. These words will most likely be associated with pictures or footage of youths drunk and falling about, kissing sloppily and yelling at a camera.
This is the image they like to portray of us for reasons only they know. I have some theories though if you will allow me to elaborate.
The reason comes down to three different alternatives:
1. They’re jealous of our youth and the fact that they miss the days where they could go about doing all the same activities that we do, but get away with it because camera phones weren’t invented yet.
2. They are upset because we have seen past the ruse that they were the golden generation, and realised that they ruined this world in so many ways (environmentally, economically, George bush-ily, musically, ect). So now that we don’t look back at them as being completely selfish they throw the first punch by giving us that label.
3. It makes for higher ratings on TV.
However maybe, just maybe, the reason is that we have entered into a new creative generation. One of not only the arts can be reformed, because they desperately need to be reformed, but also one of increased innovation.
Innovation that will create an alternative to fossil fuels and poetry that which can rival Keats, Elliot and Homer.
Because what we don’t need is just more mindless workers on wall street who idle and whore-ship the almighty dollar. We’ve seen what happens there.
What we need are free thinkers. Independent risk takers willing to attempt to swim even though the likely possibility is that they will sink.
For if we don’t attack the future head on like a rampaging bullet train filled with new and exciting ideas, the likely probability is that we will fall to the same results of the past and leave the problems for a future generation to handle.
This is something we can’t let occur.


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