I was asked when I was in year 9, “son what do you want to be when you grow up?”. This question came several times throughout that year from many different sources. My family, my teacher and my friends to name but a few. At the time my answer was a resounding “who cares, thats future me’s problem.”
This question was proposed to me numerous times thereafter. Throughout Highschool and University. Like most I took a ‘Gap Year’ to find myself.
What I found was a lazy individual who wanted just enough money to go out drinking and canoodling with various sorts. Content to stay stagnent and unmoving through lifes journey.
And while those times where fun I find myself looking back at all the missed opurtunities I had to try new things and actually discover what I was and who I wanted to be.
I was to much in a hurry you see. I saw people I new becomming their dreams, or what I thought where their dreams, and tried to keep up to their pace. This has left problems and a lack of experiences, which inturn has left a gaping hole in my own personal growth. I am now trying desperately to discover what it is that I am.
Now however as a fulltime worker, yes I’m doing the whole 9-5 thing, I find that opurtunities to do random and inane activities increasingly sparse.
Because once your in the system it is tremendously more difficult to vacate. Sort of like a Time-share condo.
So what is the point I’m trying, even if somewhat poorly, to make?
Its simply this. The pressure to be someone that you want to be is to much for the average person to make in their teens and early 20’s. Time and experience needs to be allowed before the decision should fall on ones shoulders. Because if you rush through the world you miss all the opurtunities that are around in the present.
So don’t be pressured into a situation, take time and relax. Because the financial debt that is incured by uni is not nearly as costly as the debt in experience you create for yourself by hurrying through choices.


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